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Linda speaking in front of a group of people.

Looking for Motivation?

Linda offers keynote presentations, conference workshops, talks to businesses and organizations, consultations, in-house training, and personal life coaching for individuals who want to overcome their procrastination, increase their productivity, and achieve their goals.

As a “recovering procrastinator,” Linda has special insight into why so many of us stall, shoot ourselves in the foot, and sabotage our own efforts. Her personal stories, along with stories from her students and clients, provide entertainment and motivation. She also gives her audiences actionable, cutting-edge techniques – based on brain research and principles of psychology – to stop their unnecessary delays.


Linda is available to speak on her new book, FINALLY Stop Procrastinating. Her talks include the latest discoveries from psychology and productivity studies, as well as shortcuts for creating healthy habits. She is a dynamic speaker who shares her own failures, mistakes, and struggles, which makes her highly relatable. Here’s what people are saying about her talks.


If your business, group, or organization could benefit from education, motivation, and strategies to become more focused and productive, consider asking Linda to help. After years of teaching university classes, Linda’s highly personal teaching style connects with people and gives them practical, can-do strategies to help them change.

Life Coaching

Linda offers limited one-on-one life coaching on how to stop procrastinating. Benefits for some of her former clients have including getting unstuck so they could write books, complete college degrees, and start new careers. Her many years of working with clients as a counselor have helped her become a highly effective success coach.