Signature of Linda Gannaway

Dr. Linda Gannaway

A Recovering Procrastinator

After procrastinating for much of her life, Dr. Linda Gannaway finally broke free from the beliefs and habits that had kept her stuck. She’s now on a mission to help others learn how to do the same. Her experiences and education have provided the foundation to share science-based strategies that help people get more done in less time.

Linda received her doctorate, an Ed.D. in counseling, from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She also completed a predoctoral internship in counseling and clinical psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. She worked more than twenty-five years at several universities as a personal counselor, an administrator, and an instructor, teaching classes to thousands of students on topics such as time management, goal setting, procrastination, and stress management. Her students helped her see patterns of unhealthy choices people can make — often based on long-held, negative beliefs about themselves — that can block them from achieving the success they want.

While writing her book on procrastination, Linda found that in this digital age, the main avoidance activity people use when they procrastinate is spending too much time on their phones. Realizing she was addicted to screen time, she learned to overcome her own internet addiction by practicing strategies in her book for developing healthy habits around being online.

Linda lives in California’s Central Valley. She enjoys speaking, writing, training, and coaching.

Photo of Linda shown outside.