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Here's what happened to me.

One evening after running with my dog in a local park, an idea struck my head with absolutely no warning. It exploded like an amped-up firecracker and left three words permanently etched in my brain: "Student of Life." I instantly knew the words referred to a book, one I was supposed to write. And so I began my writer's journey—a naïve and unsuspecting author-in-the-making—but willing to take the trip.

The Power of Life Lessons by Linda GannawayAfter I wrote the first draft of the book, I started testing the ideas, first with myself, then with students at the university where I worked. The self-help techniques led to positive changes. Next I developed 30 hours of course instruction and taught graduate classes on the book, again with positive results.

One of my students worked in a state prison with inmates who would soon be released. He began to use the material from my class to help them make the transition back into their communities. That's when I knew without a doubt that my book needed to get published.

The book is now available! To purchase a copy from Amazon, simply click on this link: The Power of Life Lessons 

If you need a speaker or consultant for your group or organization, read the speaking page and keep me in mind. I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Life is a school for learning lessons. Once you learn your lessons, you get to move on to the next class, where there are more lessons to learn. If you don't learn the lessons well enough to pass the tests that life presents, you have to repeat the class until you get it right. And if you're really slow, you will get a wake-up call."

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