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Dr. Linda Gannaway is an author, speaker, success coach, and consultant.


It's Time To Stop Procrastinating.
Now You Can!

If you’re a procrastinator, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of resources to help you finally stop putting things off. Science-based, tried-and-true resources that have helped thousands of others get unstuck and achieve their goals.

The research is clear. People who overcome their procrastination are happier, healthier, and wealthier. You can be among them.

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I'm A Recovering Procrastinator

Because of my own struggles, I’ve been fascinated with procrastination. I taught my first class on procrastination when I was a pre-doctoral intern at the University of Texas at Austin. I loved the teaching and the topic! From there, I went on to work at universities for more than 25 years and taught classes to thousands of students on subjects such as procrastination, time management, stress management, and goal setting. I finally learned how to stop procrastinating, and I can help you do the same.

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People who stop procrastinating are happier, healthier, and wealthier than people who continue to put things off.