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FINALLY Stop Procrastinating

When Nothing Else Works, Unlock Your Hidden Power To Succeed

This book on procrastination goes beyond time management and goal setting techniques to help you find and release the internal blocks that have kept you stuck – probably your whole life.

At least 80 percent of what keeps you from reaching your goals has to do with mindset or the Inner Game – the invisible internal blocks that you can’t see, hear, touch, or feel. No wonder you’re confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. It’s not your fault! The fault lies with the way or ways you’ve been trying to stop procrastinating. You need different strategies in order to get different results.

This book over-delivers in giving you strategies based on powerful coaching techniques, brain research, and principles of psychology to help you get unstuck, quit running late, and taking SO long (if ever) to get things done.

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The Power of Life Lessons

How to Learn Your Lessons and Create the Life You Want

Do you want to take your life to the next level?
Are you like many of us and have one or two problems in your life where you feel stuck? Or maybe you’re doing fairly well right now – but not great. Even if you’re already wildly successful, you can always take the next step to improve your life even more.
Regardless of where you’re starting from, life lessons can make your life better. Much better. They give you the “practical wisdom” that accelerates your learning and helps you reach your goals faster and easier.

Discover the power that turns obstacles into teachers and create the life you’ve wanted all along. This book shows you how.

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